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Woodland Fairy Ornament

Cotton Batting Ornament

Free Pattern & Printable Paper Scrap

There are enchanted forests everywhere. They beckon us to take a few moments to listen and, observe the magic of their mysterious dimension. While in these sacred places you may notice the sound of tree that is gently swaying in the breeze or, a surprised forest creature scuttling to its next destination. It is in these still moments, if you are fortunate, that you may find yourself amongst the fairy folk.

I’ve made different versions of the “fairy.” For this one I wanted the fairy to look like she chose her clothing from her surroundings; a leaf for the skirt, a bit of ribbon for a top and a freshly pulled flower for a walking staff. 

Print out your pattern & paper scrap 

Woodland Fairy Paper Scrap-

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS- 4 x 6″ Glossy photo paper, Click on the above link and select print. Select the 4 x 6″ Card, and indicate the highest “quality” setting.

Woodland Fairy Ornament Pattern-

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS-Print on white card-stock, Click on the above link and select print. Select 8.5 x 11, and indicate the highest “quality” setting.

Woodland Fairy Assembly-Body

Fire Up That Glue Gun!

To construct the body we use cotton batting, vintage style pipe cleaners, white chip- board, and floral wire. It looks complicated but it’s not!


Cotton Batting

20 Gauge Stem Wire

White ChipBoard (2 circles, 3/4″ radius)

Vintage “style” pipe cleaners

Printed Pattern & Paper Scrap

The Fairy Crown

I went thru many versions of the sun-ray/crown trying to find the easiest way to replicate it with some consistency.

Start by cutting out the crown from your printed card-stock. Then put the cutout on the backside of the paper that you want to use…I prefer gold card-stock. Next, color over this piece with ink. After the ink has dried, cutout the blank space that is left behind.

Sew The Ruffled Collar

I have a video on how to do this on a recent blog called Easter Carrot Treat Boxes.

For this part I like to use the single ply crepe paper (cut into strips). I prefer crepe to streamers because they tend to hold their color better.

Fold the ruffled streamer in half and trim to about 1/2 inch. Glue the ends so it doesn’t unravel and set aside until later.

Make Your Fairy Dress! 

TO MAKE THE SKIRT– I found these pretty leaves at my local craft store. This particular set is from the Hobby Lobby (Millinery floral section). If you can’t locate this particular set, you can easily substitute them with another. Make sure the leaf is a bell shape of about 1.5” tall be 2” wide plus a couple of smaller ones (if available). 

Step One

Cut the tops off of each leaf and, set aside 8 of them… 5 (2 are smaller) for the front and 3 for the back. 

Step Two-

Glue on the leaves in this order…

TO MAKE THE TOP OF THE DRESS-all you will need is a scrap of ribbon.

Step One

Wrap the ribbon around the waist (a couple of times) and anchor the edge with a bit of glue. Trim with thread (see photo).

Step One-Ruffled Collar

2-3” of finished ruffle is all you need. Secure the end to the back of the head & wrap. Trim the ruffle if necessary.

Step Two-Attach the face

Step Three-Attach The Crown & Trim

Glitter The Fairy Base & Flowers

If you decide to use a base, be sure to punch two holes where the legs will go. For the glitter I like to use my go-to combination; which is a combination of fine iridescent flakes and large clear/round shapes. What base did I use? There are many options! You can use a spun cotton half round (available on and Styrofoam half spheres that can be found at your local craft store (you will have to paint the Styrofoam ones white).

After the base has dried, attach the fairy to the base. Next, glue the flower staff onto the hand & base. 

Transparent Wings

Tim Holtz idea-ology

When I first saw these I just had to have them! I preordered 4 units of them, sight unseen. Once I received them, I was not disappointed.

For the back I used the largest set of wings. Gently fold at the centerline and attach with hot glue. You may need to cut-out the back section of the ruffled collar so the wings will lie flush against the back of the fairy.

Next, I placed one of the smallest set of wings on the base & another one the flower. 


All of the products used in this post have been purchased with my own money. I have suggested them to you because I have found them to be the best option for making this particular project. This is not a sponsored post.

I hope you liked this post! More importantly, I hope it inspired you to create! 


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