We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool- Glitter Shaker Cards

I love the We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool. With this tool, you will be able to create beautiful glitter shaker cards in a snap. There are so many possibilities with this one! Please keep reading! There are some tips and tricks you should read BEFORE you dive in.

I had so much fun creating this project! I have made glitter shaker-cards on my sewing machine for years. Unfortunately, using a sewing machine was tedious and sometimes I would break a needle or ruin the materials that I was working with. My hope for the We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool was that it would make the whole process easier.

Choose Your Image

I found this instant download on Etsy. The link below will take you to DigitalAlice’s store on Etsy

For this project I had to crop my images because, I only needed four of the 8 images she gave me.

I like to print on glossy photo paper . To attach the front and back together, I use double-sided tape (I prefer Sookwang Tape). Then I edged it with my trusty gold paint pen. Please allow the gold to dry for at least 10 minutes.

Gather Your Bling!


The We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool

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Use a medium Weight Vinyl

You can find this type of vinyl, sold by the yard, at your local fabric store. I’m sure you can find it online as well.

Keep the vinyl rolled up! If it gets creased, you can iron it…CAREFULLY. Use a pillow case or tea-towel as a barrier. Also, the vinyl gets pretty hot so its best to let it cool down before you try to move it.

The Fuse Tool Needs To Be Hot! Really Hot!

Allow the fuse tool to heat-up for at least 30 minutes. Watch out, it’s hot! I got a mean burn with it…I wasn’t paying attention and touched it. I know…duh. In the photo above I have shown the three tips that I feel worked the best. I especially like the rotary one because it reminded me of a sewing machine stitch. Just my personal preference.

Cardboard Works Great!


At first, I worked on a glass surface and the heated tip went straight thru both layers of vinyl…this is why I recommend the cardboard surface to work on instead. (The circle piece of cardboard shown above is used for making tall cakes).

Fusing- Slow & Steady

There’s definitely a skill that is required here. You only need to apply a bit of pressure, and keep moving. I recommend practicing on a few scraps before you dive in. If your seems come apart? Then, you have let the vinyl get too hot.

I hope you enjoyed this post! More Importantly, I hope that it has inspired to create!

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