Cricut Halloween Holiday DIY


Make these fanciful Halloween treat boxes for a special party, hostess gift or for that special friend who is crazy about Halloween.

The goal of this project was to create a Vintage “looking” Halloween Decoration that could be made entirely, well…for the most part, on a Cricut Machine. The Tissue garland was made on my sewing machine.

For this project I used Michaels Brand paper Recollections, 65-80lb. (not sponsored)

Please note; some of the files used in this project will need to be purchased on


Wha-What!!! You Don’t Have A Cricut Machine?

Below are two links that will take you to Design Space at I separated this project into two links; the first link is for the box and the second is for the pumpkin topper. Please note, you will not be able to view these links with having a FREE account.


For the treat box I used Anna’s Window Box Card #M504CC66 & Square # M369896. I altered this file so it could become a fillable box, and I added a few decorative elements to it. ​

This link will take you to for the files (card & Square)


For the topper I used three different files.
Miss Kate’s Cuttables-Trick or Treat/Carved Pumpkin #MCB6CC52
Martha Stewart-Wedding Cake Normal/Small Rosette #M54C5684 (edge with pinking shears)

Cricut Craft Room Basics, Note card/Circle with Scalloped Edge #M40166

This link will take you

Cutting Tip; For the pumpkin topper/card I would recommend using the Cricut setting for Intricate Cuts/ Cardstock


I used two banners for this project. For the text, I used ​Monotype Gallia Std. Regular

Whoa, Jennifer! The banners in this project look different than the ones shown on the file? Pro tip: I hit the unlock button and changed the shape of the banner by dragging the corners.


Get your narrow double sided tape & heat up that glue gun! Gently, bend along the score lines.

Cut the tops off of these three sections-Follow the score lines. Attach the lid extension, use the score line on the lid as your guide. Wait to insert the base (inside shelf) until you have completely assembled your box.

Glitter your orange panels, large scalloped circle, and the orange part of the Pumpkin. I like to use this handy glue pen made by Martha Stewart, the pen makes it easy to apply thin layers of glue. Perfect for finishing the edges with glitter.

The perfect tools for the glittering fool that I know you are! Wink, Wink. The products below can be found at your local craft store.

Martha Stewart Glue Pen

Martha Stewart Glitter Funnel

Martha Stewart Glittering Tray

Attach the panels to the box with double sided tape.

Close the box & start folding three of the flaps down (a tiny piece of double sided tape is all you need). Add the 5th orange panel to the inside lid of the box (shown below). Discard the 6th panel.


Putting this charming pumpkin card together is my favorite part of this project! You can’t look at it without smiling. I love the vintage look of it as well. The delicate layers of this card require extra care; I found a glue pen and an awl to be useful tools for this task.


Edge your rosette pieces with your pinking shears (optional).

Glitter the edges-not optional.

Take the smaller circle and use this as your base and assemble the rosette.
With hot glue, attach the pumpkin to the rosette. Hold onto the larger round piece until later.


I based this technique on antique examples that I have seen. What kind of tissue? I used the inexpensive tissue in the gift wrap section of your local craft store. If you don’t want to make the tissue garland, you could also use shredded paper that can also be found in the gift wrap section of your local craft store.

Step One

Unfold some black tissue and cut 3” wide. Multiply layers are best-10 layers max.

Step Two

Sew down the center of your cut.

Step Three

Fold in half and, trim the edges.

Part Four

For now, the tedious part. Make a series of tiny cuts, get as close to the thread line as possible without crossing thru it (example shown below).

Part Five

Fluff & Scrunch

Is “Scrunch” a word? Probably not, but you know what I mean! This is a good project for your smaller kiddos.


With hot glue, attach a piece of floral wire 5.5”, then glue on the larger circle to the back.

Put a generous amount of hot glue on the top of the lid. Place the wire in the glue and hold in place until it dries. Use this time to think about all the goodies you are going to fill them with! Don’t worry, it may seem like the glue will not keep your topper in place but, trust me it will.

With hot glue, attach the garland. Cover the lid with garland and twist the garland upward until you have covered all of the wire. Tack down additional bits if needed.

Finishing Touches

With a needle and thread, sew in your labels and tie a nice little bow. Do you remember the base piece that I had you set aside for later? This is a good time to attach it to the inside of the box.

Do you have extra tissue garland? Fill the box with it and, add those treats! By the way, I had a beautiful selection of treats for this photo but, my candy stash mysteriously disappeared from the refrigerator. Where did it go? Was it a ghost? Most likely it was a very sneaky living person.


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More importantly, I hope it inspired you to create!

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Magic is all around you! Happy Halloween!

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