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UV Resin Bottle Cap Magnets

A captivating image, your favorite glitters, a sequin or two is all you need to create a tiny world of whimsy inside a bottle cap. 

For this project I turned my bottle caps into magnets but, you can also make earrings or pendants. The sky is the limit!

Step 1

Find your bottle caps

If you don’t have a collection of recycled bottle caps, you can buy unused bottle cap blanks.

I found a comp for you that I have listed at the end of this post.

Extra Step! Seal the inside of the cap with a thin layer of Mod Podge & allow it to completely dry. This helps the UV Resin adhere to the sides of the cap. This is only necessary for the silver caps.

Step 2

Make a hole for your jewelry findings

(optional for magnets)

This tool makes this step quick and easy.

Step 3

Select/cutout a featured image & choose a background 

For a small space like a bottle cap, ONE featured image is all you need. I like this one from Digital Alice! You can find her store over at Etsy.com

Tip: Holiday wrapping paper & glittered card-stock are great choices for the background. 

Tip: Cut out your background with a circular hole punch.

Step 4

With clear packing tape, seal the background and the featured image together.

Remove any air bubbles under the tape. Then, cut around the edge to remove the excess packing tape. 

Tip: Use a bone folder to remove air bubbles that may develop under the tape. .

Step 5

With a spot of super glue, attach your image to the bottle cap

I like to use the edge of a plastic clay roller to hold down the image while it dries. 30 seconds of pressure is all you need! The clay roller keeps the super glue off your fingers and, distributes the pressure evenly. After you are done, simply clean the edge of the roller with a baby wipe.

Step 6

Attach your jewelry findings-Optional

Tip; cover the split in the jump ring with a crimp bead. This will keep the jump ring from falling off.

Step 7

Start building your layers

The first layer should be thin. Start with a dot in the center and move the UV Resin outward with a brush. Cure for 180 seconds.

Step 8

Add your glitter and embeds!

Put a thin layer of resin down. In the uncured resin, place your glitter & embeds. Cure for 180 Seconds. I like to do the glitter and embeds in separate layers. Take your time.

Have Fun!!

Step 9

Continue to fill with thin layers of resin.

Tip: Between the subsequent layers, move the jewelry finding (jump ring) so that it doesn’t get cured into the resin.

Air Bubbles? Yes, they can still form but they are less likely when you use thin layers. Do keep a lookout for them!

Step 10

Attach a magnet with super glue, and allow it to dry


Products & Useful Tools

All products and tools used in this post have been purchased with my own money. I have tested and approved of all of the products and tools that I’m listing below. This is not a sponsored post.

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I’ve been using this lamp for awhile and I love it! It has a large interior and I like the adjustable timer (3 settings). The removable tray makes it easy to load as well. It is durable too, haven’t had to replace any of the bulbs yet.

Bottle Cap Blanks 100-Piece Shiny Silver


Bottle Cap Hole Puncher


1″ hole Punch (paper punch)


Sculpey Clay Roller


Decor Rom/Hard, UV Resin


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More importantly, I hope it has inspired you to create!

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