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Paper Flower “Candle Clips”

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Spring is almost here! Let’s celebrate the occasion by making glittered crepe paper flowers. For this project, I have put each flower into a German candle clip. I’ve collected candle clips for years but, I have never been brave enough to put lit candles on my Christmas tree. So, I have created an alternative use for them! My inspiration for this project is the enchanted garden from Shakespeare’s- A Midsummer’s Nights Dream.

You can place these flower whimsies into your Easter Tree, a Crystal chandelier, or a tabletop display for your springtime garden party. Have fun!

This is not a sponsored post & I will not receive a commission if you purchase anything from the following list.

Products & Tools you will need…

Cricut Maker/Rotary Blade-it’s necessary for cutting Crepe paper

Cricut LightGrip Machine Mat

Cricut Flower image-link for this project can be found in the corresponding instructions below…, there will be a charge to use this file.

Crepe Paper “Doublette” and/or Double-sided (dual color) Crepe Paper

German Candle Clips

Flower Stamen

Floral Wire (white)

Tattered Angels-Pearl

Mod Podge-Mat & brush

Glitter-Crystal glitter & fine iridescent glitter (mix the 2)

Glitter Tray

Hot glue gun



About Crepe Paper

There are several kinds of crepe paper that can be used for making paper flowers. For this project, I highly recommend the light-colored “doublette” or double-sided (dual colors) crepe papers. This paper is thicker so it can be removed easily from a Cricut’s LightGrip Machine mat.

“Doublette” or Double-sided crepe paper is a specialty item that cannot be purchased from your local craft store. I order my crepe paper from the

(I will not receive a commission if you order anything from this store). I have ordered from since 2010! They have my highest recommendation. They’re shipping is fast too! They also have German candle clips and a selection of specialty flower stamen that were used for this project.

Flower Stamen

There are endless varieties of flower stamen that you can choose from! For this project I have used a combination of flower stamen from my local craft store (found in the fondant/cake decorating section) and, “specialty” vintage stamen from

Tip; the flower stamen from the craft store usually comes in white. You can color them with stamp ink. 

Prepare Your Crepe

Crepe paper is usually folded when you buy it. Unfortunately, this will create unsightly creases that will need to be ironed out. With a warm iron, carefully iron out what you can. CAUTION: Move quickly with the iron!

Next, cut your paper into 12” sections.  For the most part, “doublette” or double-sided crepe comes in the standard size of 10” X 49”. If your paper is a different size, make sure it matches the size of your project in Cricut Design Space.

Tip; firmly press the crepe paper on your mat. Try to remove the bubbles, especially on the edges of your paper. 

Tip; the edges of the crepe should be with the 12” mark on the sides of your mat…if they go over the edge you can run the risk of your paper rising off the mat. If it does, please don’t reach in and try to straighten it! 

The crepe paper for the leaves can be much smaller pieces. 

Fire-Up That Cricut Maker!

For this project, you will need the Rotary Blade and the LightGrip Cutting Mat. Below is a link to the exact project that I saved for you. There will be a small charge to use this file. (I will not receive a commission for your purchase). 

Once you have the project in Cricut Design Space you will be prompted to pay for the image at that time.

Cutting Instructions

Really, really important! When it asks you what type of paper you are planning to cut… select, CREPE PAPER

Thinking about using a thinner tissue? Don’t! 


Cutout Those Flower Petals & Leaves

For this project, you will need two sets of petals; 12 pieces total. Separate each set of petals into 3 groups. Set aside two large circles. 


Before you make your flowers I like to keep them separated in small teacup saucers.

Fire Up That Glue Gun

Before you glue the flower petals together, organize your petals. Starting with the largest set of petals & alternating colors…start building your flower. Don’t glue anything just yet!

Next, get one of your paper circles…this will be your base. 

Next, start to glue all of your flower petals together. Try to keep the glue along the medial edge of the flower. 

Glue the remaining layers. With the second circle, top your flower off. Scallop the edge to make it extra fancy.

Place The Flower Stamen

Gather a small group of flower stamen and, tie them with floral wire. Once you have done this, bend them in half. 

Punch a hole in the center of the flower. This is where you will add your flower stamen. Once you have pulled the stamen thru the center, glue in place. 

Sculpt The Petals, Stem, & Leaves

Sculpting the petals is a two-part process…Sculpting & sealing the shape with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist

Fold each petal layer upward until you get to the last 2 layers. For the last two layers, bend them in the opposite direction. Repeat this process until you feel confident that your flower will hold its shape. 


Next, make your post. Cut a piece of card stock 1.5” X 3”

Roll into a tube and glue to the under edge of the flower. It should sit over the EDGE of the flower stamen. Once you have glue on the stem, cover it with a scrap of crepe paper.

Next, glue on the two leaves & your message tag. 


I do this with a Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Pearl. Go lightly; if you do too much the darker color on the other side of the paper will bleed thru. Shape the flower a few more times while the glimmer mist dries. The glimmer mist adds a subtle pearl luster & helps the paper hold its shape.

Attach Flower To Candle Clip

I do this with hot glue. 

Glitter Those Flowers!

You are almost Done!

For this part, I find that Mod Pod/mat works the best. You will also need a brush (no water) and a glitter tray. Go sparingly, the colors will bleed if you use too much.

You Are Done!!!!


I hope you liked this post and, I hope it has you to create! 


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