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In this section I will share with you all of my favorite products, & services.

There is no outside sponsorship of Hummingbird Traveler Studio. All products, & services featured in this section have been purchased with my own money and tested by me. All my recommendations are truly unbiased. If I try a product and it doesn’t make the cut, then YOU WON’T SEE IT HERE. I’m constantly testing products so, please do check back to see what new and wonderful things that I have found.

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Melody Susie Sol 1 UV Nail Lamp

I recommend this lamp because of the large interior & the time controls (120s, 180s, or 30 minute). In addition it has 4, 9watt bulbs that will cure your piece quickly. Another great feature of the Sol 1 is the sliding tray: this made curing multiple pieces of jewelry at once, easier.

Hard UV Resin

I like this resin! It cures hard and has a glass-like finish.


I love to make figurative Christmas Ornaments, other holidays too. My style of cotton batting ornament is a variation of spun cotton ornaments from the Victorian-Edwardian Eras.

Pastel Christmas Santa’s. Make Your Own! Follow The Tutorial On This Blog.
Victorian Santa Ornament. Make Your Own! Follow My Tutorial On This Blog.
More From Me…

Old Fashioned Pipe Cleaners

I love these! I use them all of the time!!! They aren’t considered a craft product but, I’ve repurposed them as such. Unfortunately, they are only available online and, you have to purchase multiples. What do I like about them? The color matches the cotton batting perfectly…they look very similar to the old ones.


I have had two machines now, the Cricut Maker is BY FAR my favorite. The reason why I recommend the Cricut Maker is that its so versatile. It’s easy to cut paper, fabric and felt. Once you understand how it works you can create your own designs or you can customize any of Cricut’s vast repository of images or projects. IT’S SO FUN! The following two images are projects that I have tutorials for.

This link will take you to Amazon.com https://amzn.to/2YMvcaz

Halloween Candy Containers. Make Your own! See the tutorial on this blog.
Christmas Santa’s. Make Your Own. See the tutorial on this blog.