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Baby’s Breath Easter Nests

These glittery bird’s nests made out of dried baby’s breath “Gypsophila’ embody the optimism and enchantment of the Spring. They can be used as a stand-alone decoration, a lovely place card holder or as a gift to that special friend.

After years of experimentation, I have developed an easy way for you to make these. The hardest part of this project is getting your hands on the dried baby’s breath. Currently I have two sources; Michael’s & Amazon.com. When I see it at the craft store I’ll buy everything they have!

Let’s Get Started!

Find A Glass Container

You can probably find these somewhere in your home, no need to go out and buy one! Some ideas; votive candle holders, glass spice bottles, and small flower vases.

Forming Your Baby’s Breath Nest

Heat Up That Glue Gun!!

Gather a small bundle of Baby’s breath. You won’t need a lot.

Roll the Baby’s Breath around your glass container. There will be some breakage, don’t worry about that. We can fill in those missing pieces later.

Tuck the stalks under the flowery part of the Baby’s Breath and, glue them both together. You won’t need ton of glue! Watch those fingers!

Fill in the other side. Weave in the second half of the wreath, keeping the stalks along the lower edge.

Gently, press the Baby’s breath wreath into shape. You may need to fill in where you see empty spots. Curl-up a smaller piece of Baby’s Breath and, place it into the center of the nest. Do any additional shaping if needed.

With the end of your glass container, press in the “bowl” of your nest.

(Optional) Let’s Feather Our Nests!

This is a good time to add a bit of glitter. I like to use Mod Podge for this step. Chunky, Iridescent glitter will work the best. Allow to dry overnight.

So many options for eggs, flowers and other embellishments…have fun, and make them your own.

You’re Done!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post! More importantly, I hope that it has inspired you to create!!

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