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Antique Santa Ornament

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I worked at a enchanted little Christmas shop in Santa Fe, NM. It was there that I first saw reproductions of antique holiday decorations from Germany. For me, my first encounter with this shop was “love at first sight!” The spun cotton ornaments, mercury lined glass shapes, antique styled paper-pulp candy containers captured my imagination. This Antique Santa Ornament is inspired by enchanted Christmases past where holiday decorating was done with carefully crafted handmade treasures that were lovingly kept from generation to generation.  

These little Santa’s are made with felt, cotton batting, card stock, and old-fashioned style pipe cleaners.

Let’s Get Started!

Print Out Your Pattern

Guidelines For Printing This Pattern

This pattern will not print the correct size! Each piece is labeled with the correct dimension. Make the image larger, don’t worry if the heading runs off the page. 135% is a good guess.

Antique Paper Scrap Faces

Guidelines For Printing Ephemera

You can print this on a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 piece of glossy photo paper or indicate a 4 x 6 piece of paper (in your print settings). Always set the print quality to high.

Gather Your Supplies

Single Ply Felt & Matching Card Stock

My go-to source for felt-Sweetemmajean,

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I love the color of these pipe cleaners. They match the cotton batting perfectly. The link below will take you to a listing for 10 Packs of the vintage style pipe cleaners shown in the image above.

For this project I prefer to use cotton batting but, you could substitute the cotton batting for a piece of off white felt. The link below will take you to, this listing is for the Hobbs Brand Heirloom cotton batting 45 x 60.

Matching Ribbon! Keep the ribbon narrow, about 1/4″. Seam binding works really well. This can be found on

I purchased this little lovelies from one of my favorite Etsy shops 32NorthSupplies. If they are sold out, then I’m sure they will have something else that will work.

I like to glitter and dry my cotton batting before I use it. Pro tip; I spray with glitter blast, sprinkle on a combination of course + iridescent glitter, and seal with the spray. It works great! Don’t want to buy all of this? Substitute with Glue and glitter. The links below will take you to

Krylon Glitter Blast

Krylon Glitter Blast Sealer (helps keep the glitter in place)

My ABSOLUTE all-time favorite holiday glitter. Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter, Crystal.

The Pieces

Cut out all of the pieces. All of them are felt accept for the one labelled card stock. Cut a thin strip 1/4″ strip of cotton batting. With scalloped scissors, trim the 5″ x 1″ piece (Santa’s Cape).

The Santa Ornament Base

  1. Fold the paper cone into shape & seal with masking tape.
  2. With hot glue, cover the cone with the matching felt piece.
  3. Burnish seam with toothbrush, then smooth the “fluffed” fibers back down. This will diminish the seam.
  4. With hot glue, attach the cotton batting trim.
  5. For the arms, carefully roll the felt over the pipe cleaner. Seal with hot glue.
  6. Trim off the excess and burnish the seam with a toothbrush.
  7. With a metal awl, about an inch from the top, punch through both sides.
  8. With small scissors make the whole big enough so you can pull the arm piece through.
  9. This is the trickiest part! Carefully pull the arm piece through. Once in place, bend the arms down. Next, add the cotton batting trim to the arms.

Santa’s Cape

Find a needle and thread, we are going to do some hand stitching here.

  1. Gather and attach the cape with a few dots of hot glue.
  2. Tip: Use a fork to make your tiny bows!
  3. Attach the bow & the paper scrap face

The Hat

  1. Glue along the back edge of the hat with hot glue.
  2. Turn inside out & burnish the seam.
  3. Attach the cotton batting trim.

glue on the hat & tree.

Attach The Legs

Find an extra chenille pipe cleaner, cotton ball & bell. Drop in the bell, Curl up the pipe cleaner and then glue it inside of the base. Once that is cooled, attach the two legs (Fold each pipe cleaner in half to make one leg). Fill in with part of the cotton ball (optional).

Don’t forget to tie on the ornament hanger with a sewing needle and string. Santa can be a standing piece too, you can glue your Santa to a round piece of mat board.

I hope you enjoyed this blog Post!

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I hope this project has inspired you to create your own handmade holiday decorations. Happy crafting!!!

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