Christmas Holiday DIY UV Resin

Christmas Cats UV Resin Bottle Cap Magnets

Wow! I’m so thankful that so many of you loved my two UV Resin Posts! I knew UV Resin was cool but, I really was surprised by the response.

UV Bottle Cap Magnets
UV Resin 101-For Beginners

For this project, I have chosen a digital download from DigitalAlice over at This link will take you to her storefront. I just LOVE this collection of cats.

In addition, I have a free Santa download for you. The Victorian Santa PDF can be found at the end of this post.

Printing Tips

For the best results when printing…
Copy on 4 x 6 (borderless) glossy photo paper, inkjet printer Reduce the jpg. that she sends you to 40%
Select the image quality to “high” in your print settings

Do You Have A UV Lamp?

I recommend the MelodySusie 36 Watt UV Lamp

Why do I recommend this lamp? Here is my review.

The removable tray makes it easy to remove your pieces.

The large interior allows you to make multiples

The Timer settings are already set for you! No guesswork!

Durability- I’ve used this product (heavily) since last May and I have had zero issues with it. I haven’t had to change a bulb either…and yes, it’s been dropped a few times. UPDATE: It’s October 2020 and this UV Lamp is still working great!

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My Favorite Resin

Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller

1″ Hole Punch-find at your local craft store.

Glitters & Embeds

For this part, I recommend going to your local craft store. is also a good source. There you should be able to find a “coarse style glitter” in red & green, and a selection of sequins or confetti. Look in your stash! There’s a good chance you may already have them!

For the other special shapes embeds, like the peppermint candy; HappyKawaii Supplies over at has a selection of Christmas confetti made out of polymer clay. Thin polymer clay works really well in UV resin casting. The link below will take you to the HappyKawaiiSupplies Storefront. (Not an affiliate)

Bottle Caps & Tools!

I purchased the bottle caps and magnets used in this project from What I liked most about this company is that they allow you to pick and choose your colors. Also, they use minimal plastic packaging. How long did my order take to get to me? About 7 days with Priority shipping. This recommendation isn’t sponsored, I just like their customer service & selection.

For the Christmas Cats, I chose the red & green bottle caps that have an “anodized look” to them. For the Santa bottle cap, I chose the lacquered Christmas red.

Let’s talk magnets…

In my first bottle cap magnet post, I used the standard magnets that I picked up at the craft store. The magnets featured in this blog are far superior. They are much thinner and the silver color blends with the bottle cap. I won’t use anything else now. These can be found at

Now that you have gathered all of your supplies let’s make our Christmas bottle Cap Magnets!


Cut out the background piece and the featured image that you have chosen. Seal carefully with packing tape & remove any air bubbles. Trim the edge.

Pro-tip; use a bone folder to remove the air bubbles that form under the tape.


Glue your image to the bottle cap. I highly recommend… Gorilla Super Glue with a brush & nozzle.

Pro-tip; hold the image down with a fondant roller while it dries. Have handy wipes ready to clean the roller after each use.


Now is a good time to add glitter & a thin layer of resin (paper-thin), not too much! Clumpy glitter may cause air bubbles. They can also cause the resin to pull away from the sides of the bottle cap. I use a toothpick or awl to move glitter particles around if I need to. Cure. Pro-tip; watch for those tiny air bubbles.


Add sequins and other embeds & a paper-thin layer of resin.

STEP 5 & 6

Fill slowly, the following layers should be thin but not as thin as the previous.

Santa Magnets Too!!!

Please check the UV Bottle Cap Magnets for a tutorial on how to attach the bobbles, bells, and beads.

Free Victorian Paper Scrap!!

Gather Your Bells & Bobbles

I hope you liked this post! More importantly, I hope it has inspired you to create!

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